Facebook and Spotify

Source: https://news.spotify.com/us/2011/09/21/spotify-and-facebook/

Spotify has collaborated with many companies to build their popularity, and success. One of the very first companies Spotify partnered with, happened to be the biggest: Facebook. After Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, tweeted about his love for Spotify in 2010, a year later he, and Spotify expressed that love by officially announcing their partnership. The integration was designed so that Facebook users would easily discover the free, and legal music they could listen to through Spotify. As well as, listening to music directly through Facebook, seeing the music that’s trending with your friends on the “Music Dashboard”, having a music collection on your page, and even making, and sending playlists.

It wasn’t long before Spotify saw the success in accordance to this integration. In that year, Spotify announced that they had attained one million paying subscribers, as well as officially launching in the United States. Spotify, was gradually surmounting their competitors, only three years after their initial startup. This was not only a great addition to Facebook, but it successfully advocated Facebook users to check Spotify out.

Written by: Christine Teta


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