Streaming Wars

Spotify has faced some fierce competition with the development of Apple Music in 2015. However, Spotify still remains the top music streaming service with their 50 million paid subscribes. It took them nearly 8 years to reach that benchmark though. Apple Music has reached 20 million paid subscribes in a merely 18 months. Why though? Daniel Adrian Sanchez’s article, one reason for Apple’s elevated uniques undoubtedly comes from three-month free trials.  It may take some time for those figures to normalize, and Apple certainly faces challenges with churn.  But pound for pound, that ‘free tier’ is pulling people away from mega-rivals like Spotify. Additionally, 71.6% of mobile phone users are iPhone users which would explain why Apple Music’s subscribers have grown so fast. This puts Spotify in a tough spot. How can they continue to be the leader in the streaming wars? They are going to need to figure out strategies to maintain their lead.

written by : Caitlin Brock


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  1. We touched similar topics in the streaming wars comparing the post I made about Spotify vs. Apple Music to yours. It is intriguing to think about how Apple has been able to gain as many subscribers as they have in such a short time span. The fact that they offer the free 3-month subscription is a guaranteed way to get people to try their services and weigh out if they user like the service better than other competitors.

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