Spotify vs Pandora

Due to each service’s massive status, you’d expect both to feature a similar amount of available music. however, this category isn’t even close, easily going to Spotify whose catalog is roughly 20 times larger than Pandora’s. With a music library totaling 25 million songs, compared to roughly 2 million for Pandora, Spotify is the gold standard among music streaming services. Though it doesn’t offer every known song know to man— artists like Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks chose to withhold their music its massive library is an incredibly impressive offering. Moreover, Spotify continues to add new music every week, uploading hosts of new albums the second they drop on either Monday or Tuesday. This feature is specifically useful on when an artist wants to “leak” their music. instantly available for streaming minutes after the leak. This demonstrates  Spotify’s commitment to providing as complete a catalog of music as possible to its users. To Pandora’s credit — despite its meager offering of songs — the service does have a knack for finding vague artists. Because of this, its catalog remains varied and allows users plenty opportunity to discover new music.

Winner: Spotify

Written by Rebecca Bazelais



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