Spotify limits the content that free users are able to access.

Spotify has signed a few new deals with some record labels, removing some benefits of being a free user. Encouraging Spotify’s 50 million non paying user become music pirates. Spotify is now moving into a higher range where they charge users for premium product therefore those users are the only ones who can listen to prime music. Not only are users who are already paying monthly getting there music offline, their also receiving exclusive access to artist newest releases. Artist such as Taylor Swift, are happy about this because she argues that her music is valuable music and should be paid for. Swift is slightly equating importance and value to the equation. On the other hand, Spotify is concerned about how this change might affect the other half of their users who stream for free currently.

Written by: Marjorie Newman




2 thoughts on “Spotify limits the content that free users are able to access.

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  1. I would argue that over half of the Spotify users are free subscribers. This may hurt the company with their subscriber numbers. However, like you mentioned, Taylor Swift and other artists will be pleased to know their music is not being streamed for free. It is a good way for the company to make money, but will users be willing to pay?
    – Caitlin Brock


  2. I think its kinda smart on behalf of Spotify, limiting free music from free users could make them want to pay to access better music. its a sneaky strategy but could work.


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