Spotify Debuts its’ First Series


Spotify broadens its horizons this year by being apart of a brand new series: Traffic Jams. Starting on April fourth, Spotify and All Def Digital are debuting their original series on Spotify. The concept of the show consists of having a rapper and producer who have never before collaborated, create a brand new song while being driven through LA’s rush hour to the Spotify-All Def Stage where fans will be eagerly waiting to hear the new song be performed live.

This will give attention to artists, producers, and Spotify, especially considering hip hop is the most streamed genre of music in the world. The behind the scenes look of original music being produced will provide a deeper appreciation for the new tracks. This may also promote use of Spotify, since the episodes are available on Spotify under Original Videos. Spotify is now more than just an app to listen to your favorite playlists.

Watch the trailer:

Written by: Christine Teta


2 thoughts on “Spotify Debuts its’ First Series

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  1. This is such an innovative idea from Spotify! It makes me wonder two things: will the audience of AM/FM radio stations decrease with the developments of these new music platforms and will those platforms (Apple Music, Pandora, etc.) start something similar to this? I am interested to see how this will be embraced by new audiences and users alike.


  2. I really enjoyed the video clip, Spotify is not only broadening their horizon but also catering to the urban community with a rap based show. This speaks levels to not only me personally but I’m able to see the money making aspect in this and I am ecstatic that Spotify has been able to pinpoint something else to add their logo onto and be able to profit from. Spotify has chosen the prime to launch this idea. Sooner or later we’ll be seeing another streaming company cosigning with a TV series as well.


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