Spotify Partners With Tinder

This article reveals the news that Spotify has recently partnered with Tinder. Tinder is commonly referred to as a “dating app”. It functions by introducing multiple profiles to the user; “swiping right” (if you like the profile you see), or “swiping left” (if you don’t see yourself compatible with the user). The amount of swipes per day have reached into the billions. Making this an exceptionally good partnership for Spotify, considering the amount of attention the app receives.

The partnership introduces a new aspect to finding your next match while on Tinder. Users are now able to have a song of their choosing play while someone is on their profile (much like MySpace did many years ago), have viewers of their profile preview music clips via Spotify from their top artists, and swipe based off mutual taste in music. Ultimately, Tinder users are now able to connect their Spotify account to their Tinder profile. This offers an entire new characteristic about the people being viewed. It also promotes the use of Spotify by Tinder users and may act as a means of advertisement. Overall, I presume this partnership will only result in more people swiping right for the Spotify app.

Written by: Christine Teta


2 thoughts on “Spotify Partners With Tinder

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  1. This is so interesting! I feel like this tactic will bring even more success to Spotify because of the demographics of Tinder users, being mostly young adults, are inclined to be subscribed to some music provider. If they are not already users of Spotify, I think that this new outlet will bring more business. This would be a great addition to the paper because it involves the use of big data through different media.

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  2. Didn’t know this was a thing until you mentioned it yesterday. Great stuff. The Spotify team is stepping up their game when it comes to effective marketing strategies, this is such an easy way for them to get even more publicity from users of tinder, which could be considered the most commonly used dating app for cellphones.


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