Spotify vs. Apple Music


The source used is a well written article comparing the two services. There is a lot to go by so I will try to scratch the surface as to what it’s getting at.

Spotify hasn’t had much competition since its release back in 2008. Now that Apple a massive global brand has hopped in to the music streaming game they finally have competition worth worrying about. Apple music launched back in 2015, 9 years after Spotify launched. It has a plethora of features that rival other streaming services of its kind. For one Apple owns it, and because of this users have complete access to the whole iTunes library. That is a big deal for people who are lifelong apple users. Even though the service has a massive following and is gaining close to the numbers that Spotify has it’s still falling short. Spotify’s integration with Facebook make it easy for you to relate and see what your friends are listening too. Also their interface is a lot more user friendly than Apple’s. Each service has their ups and downs, but for now and maybe forever Spotify is the king of music streaming services.

Written by: Graham Garner


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  1. I love this. This will be fantastic to tie into the paper somewhere. Spotify has kind of stolen the spotlight from Apple. You pay $5-$10, and have every song you want at the touch of a button. No one wants to pay $1.29 per song.


  2. I kind of like this perspective but I am not able to really relate to the comment above. I am a current user of apple music and to me Spotify is a little complicated to use. As a matter of fact I’ve been a user of Spotify for a number of years now, and I ended up branching out to other streaming sources. Does Spotify has it perks yes but from an actual consumer prospect I don’t find Spotify more user friendly. Although my opinion is not fact I’m wondering where does this information coming from and how accurate is this source really?


  3. Spotify maybe in the lead now against Apple Music, but if you look at my post “Streaming Wars” you will see they have some work to do. Spotify needs to come up with new incentives to continue to grow their numbers and stay ahead of Apple Music. Many people are iPhone users and will switch to Apple Music for convince sake. Spotify needs to find new ways to stay ahead of Apple Music.


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