Spotify Purchases MightyTV

Spotify bought MightyTV, a startup company that revolves around using artificial intelligence and “Tinder-like swipes” to customize content recommendations. Spotify is purchasing MightyTV and shutting it down, but taking the data and technology MightyTV has to improve their company. The acquisition of MightyTV is a great thing for Spotify and will help the company cater even more to users’ listening preferences. The goal of this purchase is to be able to improve the recommendations that Spotify offers. Spotify would be able to use the tools that MightyTV has to collect more interesting data on their users to help them discover new music and serve interesting ads to them. The data and technology provided by MightyTV will help guide Spotify to having relevant music recommendations that are more to the users liking. In addition to music recommendations, the data and technology acquired for MightyTV will also allow them to deliver more relevant ads to the customers who are non-paying listeners.

Written by: Caitlin Brock




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  1. This information really pertains to the overarching theme of “big data” and how Spotify as a company is doing anything and everything it can to better their service to its listeners. I think the liking or disliking of a song via “tinder-like swipes” could be convenient for listeners. It should be interesting to see how Spotify uses this feature in the future!


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