Spotify Lawsuit: Copyright Infringement

In 2013, Spotify faced a lawsuit against Ministry of Sound, a London-based record label. This company claimed that Spotify infringed on their copyright laws and allegedly created playlists directly from their own albums.

The premise of Spotify is that its users can create their own playlists with whatever songs they choose, and Spotify used this concept as evidence against Ministry of Sound’s allegations. However, the latter claimed that the playlists that were created so closely matched their own records that it was a violation of their copyright laws. The representative from Ministry of Sound asked that Spotify take down the copied playlists and sought to receive reparations for the users they lost in the process.

At the time of this dispute, Spotify was only about five years old and had not yet faced any incidents such as this. With Ministry of Sound being a more established business, they proposed a licensing agreement be made with Spotify, but no compromise could be made.


Written by: Danielle Lewis


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