Spotify Analytics

The existence of the Spotify we all know today relies entirely on their ever-growing data set. The information they gather is what helps them suggest new artists and genres for each user, pick the next song that will be played, and continue to effectively market their brand for us as consumers.

To do this efficiently, all core Spotify employees can access three separate platforms that gather data: Dashboards, Data Warehouse, and the third which is known as Luigi. Each tool does something a little differently than the others, but all are able to identify trends in usage and listening patterns among specific artists or within a particular region, as well as break down other aspects of their business in an orderly report. The data gathered is put into an analytics pipeline, which essentially is the warehouse of sorts, where all of the information is put into different compartments to be further investigated. The data gathered is sorted through by engineers who then share that information throughout the company to come up with new ways of marketing the brand to be even more embraced by current customers and to gather new users as well.


Written by: Danielle Lewis


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  1. I really like how you were able to actually find out exactly where Spotify gets their data from and the platforms that they use. As well explaining who gathers the data, what gets done with the data and how this information is shared throughout the company as well as with customers.
    – Marjorie N


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