Drake’s ‘More Life’ Has Already Broken Two Major Spotify Records


“Drake’s More Life has already broken two Spotify records”


Drake’s newest album More Life has only been out since Saturday and has already broken two Spotify records. The first full day of availability, More Life was streamed 61,302,08, Surpassing Ed Sheeran whom previously had the best first day streaming 56.7 million times in its first 24 hours on Spotify. As Spotify continues to grow its audiences and artist are still holding out on their music some are artist are starting to recognize their value. Allowing them to see the benefit of the Spotify service.


Source: http://www.thefader.com/2017/03/20/drake-most-first-day-streams-spotify-more-life



Written by: Marjorie Newman


2 thoughts on “Drake’s ‘More Life’ Has Already Broken Two Major Spotify Records

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  1. Whoaa, this is super interesting! This is such a great example of not only how the listener’s taste can affect how many plays/streams a song will get, but also how accessibility can affect the amount of streams and also what types of music gets played on certain platforms. I wonder if Drake did more publicizing of his album than Ed Sheeran did on his? Or do you think more people like Drake’s music over Sheeran’s?


  2. Very interesting! It’s amazing that an app that streams music can still allow artists to experience so much success. This definitely proves that Spotify is an efficient way to broadcast an artists music and maintain/create a large fan base.


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