By Rebecca Bazelais

For apps to be successful, they must get as much exposure as possible.  Spotify  brilliantly advertises its brand in many different ways. Spotify has developed a range of advertising tactics to make money and continue to be free for all people.

  • Audio Ad – A cross-platform, unavoidable format comprised of an audio spot, cover art, and clickable campaign name.
  • Display – Leader board ads in the Spotify player are served when the user is interacting with Spotify.
  • Homepage Takeover – Block out a full day for your brand on our Homepage.
  • Branded Playlist – Custom user-generated playlists with brand logo, custom text, and optional link to your campaign.
  • Sponsored Session – Users choose to watch a video to receive a 30-minute, ad-free session.
  • Video Takeover – Sponsor the ad break experience with video and display.
  • Advertiser Page – A micro-site seamlessly integrated into the Spotify player. The Advertiser Page can contain practically any content you’d find on a webpage, including videos, clickable images, blogs, news, links, and comments.




2 thoughts on “Exposure

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  1. Great insight on to parts of what make Spotify such a huge company. Ads are something I couldn’t bare when I first started using the app, but since they have a discount for students I decided to pay the monthly charge of $5 to have access to unlimited music whenever I want. Something as small as having to listen to an ad, or not letting me change songs whenever I want is a great tactic to get their users to pay for their premium services and get past their “paywall” in a sense. Awesome stuff to think about.

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  2. I agree with both of you. This could be a good topic to hit in the paper. Also, the “customized” playlist is created using “big data.” It would be really important to discuss the correlation between big data and the advertising of the app. Great, thoughtful post!


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