Content Missing from Spotify

If you have ever looked to for your favorite album, or mixtape on Spotify and it ended up not being available there is a reason behind it. Agreements between artists and recording labels can be tricky. Even though an artist wants the incredible exposure Spotify has to offer recording companies have the authority to say no. Simple as that. For example one of the most critically acclaimed rap albums of all time “The Chronic” by Dr. Dre is not available because of an ongoing feud between Dre and Death Row Records, which was a former recording label he was signed to in the 90s.

Mixtapes are a whole different beast when it comes to being able to publish them via a music streaming website. The issue with mixtapes is that instrumentals/beats used in them are not always approved for sale or redistribution. Licensing is truly the biggest problem for Spotify on this issue. Even though a mixtape might be available for free download via an artists website it is impossible for Spotify to be able to have the legal ground to make the music available from streaming purposes. Even though it may seem unfair Spotify is smart not to want to be mixed up in the legality  for publishing unlicensed material on via their services.


Written by: Graham Garner


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